Academic Checklist


Please complete the following academic-related tasks in a timely fashion; non-completion of these tasks may create academic consequences. (NB: This is not an exhaustive list of what other UMD offices may require; please keep an eye on your UMD e-mail and mail for messages from other UMD offices throughout the summer.) 

14 steps to begin your life @ UMD

1. Set up the Directory ID and password which are used to access several on-line campus systems and services such as email accounts, Testudo, the ARES payroll system and more. You can accept the Directory ID that the University generated for you, or select your own. Please refer to the steps of how to establish your ID and password. 

Before obtaining your Directory ID, you must have a Student ID number (or SSN) and PIN number. Your default PIN number is your birthday (MMDDYY). You can now SET UP the ID and password at

2. Access your UMD email at by using your directory ID and password. You can refer to the tutorial session to learn how to customize your own settings. If you have any questions with the email account, you can call (301)405-1500 or visit the OIT help desk.

3. Review course information at  and plan your curriculum by using the information here. You are also encouraged to meet with the advisor for the curriculum planning. 

4. Complete the course registration at


  • All full-time graduate students, excepting those with graduate assistant employment, are expected to register for at least 9 credits (3 courses). Otherwise, you may be regarded as part-time students. You can review the designation of full-time and part-time status at
  • If you fail to register before the first day of classes, the university will assess a late registration fee. You can review the Academic Calendar here. Changes to your registration on and after the first day of classes may also be subject to late fees. The Office of the Bursar oversees fee schedules. For more information on student tuition and fees, see
  • If you fail to register in the semester for which you were admitted, the Graduate School will cancel your admission, which creates numerous problems, especially for international students.

5. Obtain a Student ID Card. You can get your Student ID Card First floor of the Mitchell Building 8:30 to 4:30 Monday-Friday. (301) 314-8240. Be sure when you receive your card it says "Graduate Student" and not just "Student" so you can receive discounts at participating restaurants and stores. The first card is free, but it's $20 to replace a lost, stolen or purposefully defaced cards (e.g., hole punch).


  • Before obtaining an ID card, you must be registered for classes and have proof of identity.
6. Review and complete the administration procedures here. (For students who are being supported on a research or teaching assistantship)

7. Complete Student Information Survey  (The department will send the survey to your UMD email account)

8. Familiarize yourself with Blackboard (Online Course Tool) at All registered courses are showed on blackboard which houses course materials and facilitates communication between students and instructors.

9. For international students, please take a look at the website of International Education Service (IES)

10. Plan for orientation at .

11. Obtain a campus parking permit if you plan to park your vehicle on campus. You can register for a permit via the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) web site, (Directory ID and password log-in). For a map of campus parking lots, see

12. Maintain or enroll in health insurance plan. Since all graduate students are required to maintain health insurance, all new students have the opportunity to enroll in one of the State’s health insurance plans. Those on payroll may do so through their hiring office, those on fellowship may do so through the Graduate School (2123 Lee Building, 301-405-0376), those not on payroll or fellowship may do so through the University Health Center, 301-314-8184.

13. Check housing information at Graduate Student Life – Stamp Student Union, 1121A or

14. Pay tuition and fees. Please refer to for details.

Other Information:

Graduate Catalog

Graduate Student Handbook

Academic Distress 



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