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Why ENCE 603

Project managers and professionals in engineering and software development need to perform data analytics on a daily basis. This course is an introduction to identifying, analyzing, assessing, and managing data inherent to engineering management using principles of Bayesian statistics.

ProfessorGregory Baecher, PhDGregory Baecher, PhDStats Credits 3 Offered* Fall On-Campus, Spring Online


Data development systems

Identify salient aspects of data development systems in the project environment

Descriptive analytics

Interpret project performance data using descriptive analytics

Bayesian analytics and predictive analysis

Analyze project data using Bayesian analytics and predictive analysis

Decision engineering

Relate decision engineering to prescriptive analysis in project management, bidding, and other operational tasks

Projects, programs, and portfolios

Organize project data analytics programs for unique projects, programs, and portfolios

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Offered: Fall On-Campus, Spring Online*
Week 1Data and statistics fundamentals I
  • Measurement theory
  • Probability sampling
Week 2Data and statistics fundamentals II
  • Data visualization
  • Data mining
Week 3Project performance data and descriptive analytics I
  • Key performance indicators
  • Earned value management
  • Expert opinion elicitation
  • Expert panels and voting
Week 4Project performance data and descriptive analytics II
  • Measuring intangibles
  • Government data and analysis
Week 5Bayesian methods and predictive analytics I
  • Bayesian theory
  • Bayes factors and the weight of evidence
Week 6Bayesian methods and predictive analytics II
  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo
  • Predictive modeling
  • Textural analysis and natural language processing
Week 7Prescriptive analytics I
  • Decision engineering
  • Bidding theory
Week 8Prescriptive analytics II
  • Machine learning

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