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Why ENCE 605

The best project managers do more than “manage” projects. Instead, the best project managers are visionary and inspiring leaders who know how to communicate effectively, build high-performing teams, and create significant value for their organization.

In this course, you will master:
1. Practical leadership theory with an emphasis on servant and situational leadership.
2. Vital leadership skills such as visioning, coaching, and emotional intelligence.
3. Leading traditional, agile, and high-profile/high-risk projects.
4. Sharpening your leadership skills through a lifelong leadership development plan.

ProfessorWilliam Brantley, PhDWilliam Brantley, PhDStats Credits 3 Offered* Fall On-Campus, Fall Online


Characteristics of great leaders through case studiesLeadership skills of vision, emotional intelligence, and communicationTraditional projects, agile projects, and extreme projectsPersonal leadership development plans

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Offered: Fall On-Campus, Fall Online*

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Week 1Introduction to Course and Blue Ocean ProjectWeek 2What is Leadership?Week 3Servant LeadershipWeek 4Situational LeadershipWeek 5VisioningWeek 6Emotional Intelligence and Psychological SafetyWeek 7Communicating as a LeaderWeek 8Mid TermWeek 9Project LeadershipWeek 10Agile Project LeadershipWeek 11Project Leadership in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous Project EnvironmentsWeek 12Develop Leaders in Your Project TeamWeek 13Develop Leaders in Your Project TeamWeek 14Coaching and Mentoring Skills for LeadersWeek 15Final Exam Coaching and Mentoring Skills for LeadersWeek 16Final Exam

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