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Why ENCE 325

Understand the basics of construction project management in the context of the Owner, Architect, Engineer, and Construction (AEC) industry. Recognize the complexity of realizing an Owner’s needs in the form of projects from feasibility through design and construction. Know the players, processes, and tools of the trades at an introductory level.


Undergraduate students may enroll in this course as part of Robert H. Smith School of Business Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams (QUEST) Honors Program.

ProfessorStephen C Wooldridge, PhD, PEStephen C Wooldridge, PhD, PEStats Credits 3 Offered* Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus


Construction project life-cycle

Enumerate the total life-cycle project process from the early conceptual phase through final project review.

Construction documentation

Trace the steps needed to prepare the documentation used to call for bids and enter into a construction contract.

Acquisition processes

Understand bidding, estimating, negotiation, contract types & methods, scheduling and close out processes. Prepare simple estimates and schedules.

Field operations and productivity

Determine the productivity of relatively simple cyclical field operations and understand the techniques that are used to analyze and improve them.

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Offered: Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus*
Week 1Course introduction & administration
  • The Construction Industry. Construction Projects. Construction Project and Business Resources.
Week 2Construction management functions
  • Managing construction resources
Week 3Project bidding strategies
  • Guest speaker TBA
Week 4Production planning in construction
  • Coordinating and optimizing materials, subcontractors, and equipment
Week 5Construction site management
  • Site layout optimization
Week 6Mid-term exam
  • Semester to date
Week 7Project scheduling & time management
  • Schedules provide the basis of performance measurements and coordination of procurements, billing, and all site activities
Week 8Resource allocation & leveling
  • Efficient use of all resources makes the difference between profit and loss
Week 9Construction cost management & control
  • cost estimating and maintaining control as the project evolves requires proactive thinking and discipline
Week 10Quality management
  • Project quality is doing things right and doing the right things
Week 11Safety & health management
  • The safety and health of everyone on the job site is paramount
Week 12Environmental management
  • environmental considerations, impacts, & permits
Week 13New directions in construction management
  • Integrated project delivery
  • Public private partnerships
Week 14New directions in construction management
  • Lean construction, building information modeling, automation & robotics
Week 15Final exam
  • Covers the entire semester with emphasis on the 2nd half

*All course content, including schedule, topics, and books are subject to change semester-to-semester. Course costs are dependent on students' individual situations, including but not limited to, online vs on-campus enrollment, in-state vs out-of-state enrollment, and scholarships. Not all books on this page may be required readings and additional readings may be assigned. Please check the UMD Schedule of Classes for most up to date semester offerings. Instructors give students specific semester details once they are enrolled.