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Why ENCE 626

The conduct of projects requires complex interactions among project participants and other stakeholders who are working on the same team but are often geographically dispersed. Intense collaborations among project participants requires the use of various online tools for data and information transfer, document management, customized up-to-date reporting, written, voice and video communications including teleconferencing, and other functions necessary to achieve required progress toward fulfillment of project objectives. Web-based solutions for project management are currently ubiquitous, and choosing the right tools for a particular job requires specialized knowledge of means and methods to evaluate each tool and its potential for success in the project at hand.

ProfessorMiroslaw J Skibniewski, PhDMiroslaw J Skibniewski, PhDStats Credits 3 Offered Next* There are no current offerings at this time.


Project management tasks and their suitability for web-based tool applications

Discussion on how to match various project management tasks with suitable web-based tools for task performance.

Web-based tools for project planning

Tools for preliminary planning and brainstorming.

Web-based tools for project design collaborations.

Web-based tools for interactive and concurrent design.

Web-based tools for project execution and control tasks

Web-based tools for interactive and concurrent design.

Web-based tools for project closeout activities

Tools for work packaging, scheduling, cost control, quality control and assurance and progress review.

Tools for agile project management

SCRUM and related techniques.



Week 1Introduction
  • Syllabus Review
  • Basic Project Management Concept Review
Week 2Basic Project Management Concepts
  • Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing
  • Agile and Scrum
Week 3IT Tools
  • History
  • Web Tools
  • Web of Knowledge
Week 4Team PaperWeek 5SimulationWeek 6Automation in Construction
  • BIM
  • Field Communciaiton
Week 7Vendor Presentation: Hard DollarWeek 8Vendor DemonstrationWeek 9Sensors for Project SitesWeek 10Team Project Presentations

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