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The Executive Project Management at Maryland (ePM@UMD) is a new initiative from the Project Management Center for Excellence at UMD. The goal is simple: Deliver state-of-the-art content to project teams where and when they need it globally.

To do this effectively, you need on-demand education. Where you need it, and when you need it. We deliver that education to you in multiple formats.

We’ve already gotten started with four great MOOC offerings. MOOCs are a fantastic way to learn.

We have already delivered over 120 lessons with the Agile Project Management Certificate on edX. In the next year, we will be delivering another 500. What will be your next step in advancing your career as a project, program, or product leader?

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What is ePM@UMD?

Welcome to the next step in your career as a project manager. For many of us, the pursuit of knowledge in project management is about more than simply keeping up with the ever-changing practice. We know that project management skills are essential for getting more out of life.  Project management education is really about learning how the world works and how to get things done.

Project Management isn’t a profession, it’s a passionate pursuit of greatness. Great understanding. Great leadership. Great work. A great life.


This is one of the three scenes devoted to the death of Socrates, as narrated by Plato in Phaedo. For these scenes Canova drew inspiration from Cesarotti’s translation for these subjects, depicting them as a kind of layman’s Stations of the Cross. The sculptor completely foregoes narration, eliminating all decorative elements and focusing entirely on tersely rendering the event, with the intention of representing the classical spirit that is the well-spring of his art. The bas-relief was reproduced in an engraving by Tommaso Piroli (engraver) and Vincenzo Camuccini (draughtsman): copperplate etching retouched with burin; 228 x 505 mm.

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates


At the University of Maryland, we were the first Engineering College accredited by the Global Accreditation Center of PMI. We started the movement across the A. James Clark School of Engineering to online education. To meet professionals where they were working, and to offer education that they needed now. That was in 2005.

Now in 2020, the game has changed.

Not only are projects moving faster, often we must leverage techniques from across the spectrum so we are both predictive and adaptive. So we can achieve resilience under uncertainty, while guaranteeing the outcomes our stakeholders need. And with this new pace and challenge, we know that our continued focus on self-improvement is required to sharpen the saw.  Sharpening the saw means working smarter, getting more done, and using the right tools for the job.

But what’s next for you?

What’s your next role or project going to be?

Do you need to manage uncertainty?

What about leadership skills to handle adversity?

Or communication skills to coach and facilitate programs?

The number of options for improvement can be overwhelming…

That’s why you need a sustainable, efficient way to learn as you grow. You need education on-demand.

Learn More. Go Further. Be Ready.

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