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Why ARCH 462

Understand the organization of the design and construction process; understand and apply building and zoning codes, material systems and types.

Stats Credits 3 Offered* Fall On-Campus


Building and zoning codes

Understand and apply building and zoming code rules, means of egress, floor area ratios, and occupancy regulations.

Building methods and materials

Understand the basic properties and uses of major materials used to construct buildings: wood, steel, masonry, and concrete.

Exterior enclosure materials

Understand the basic properties of exterior closure materials including: roofing, glass and glazing, windows and doors, and masonry & curtain wall systems.

Interior construction

Understand the basic properties of interior construction and finish materials.


Offered: Fall On-Campus*
Week 1Class Overview + Hurricane AndrewWeek 2Basic Principles of Structural SystemsWeek 3The Egress System, Concepts, and SizingWeek 4FoundationsWeek 5Wood & Heavy Timber
  • Light wood framing
  • Exterior wood finishes
  • Interior wood finishes
Week 6SteelWeek 7ConcreteWeek 8Sitecast & Precast ConcreteWeek 9RoofingWeek 10Glass & GlazingWeek 11Windows & DoorsWeek 12Designing Cladding Systems
  • With masonry & concrete
  • With metal & glass
Week 13Selecting Interior Finishes
  • Interior walls & partitions
  • Ceilings & Floors
  • Toxic materials
Week 14Modern Building Marvels: Building a Skyscraper

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