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ARCH 430 Measuring Sustainability Learn the metrics of sustainability as included in various rating standards, including LEED. Offered Next: Spring On-Campus ARCH 462 Methods & Materials of Building Construction Learn building construction methods and materials through case studies that explore the means and techniques applied to the material execution of buildings. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus ARCH 467 Integrated Project Delivery Integrated Project Delivery is examined from design to implementation through an exploration of building architectural design, building construction, and construction project management perspectives. ARCH 472 Building Information Modeling Learn how to improve collaboration & communication in design and construction of buildings by using Building Information Modeling. Offered Next: Spring On-Campus ENCE 320 Introduction to Engineering Project Management Learn fundamentals of project management including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing projects as well as professional ethics and communication skills. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus, Summer On-Campus ENCE 325 Introduction to Construction Project Management Develop an understanding of the construction project lifecycle — from conception through the completion Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus ENCE 420 Selection and Utilization of Construction Equipment Learn to evaluate and select construction equipment with a focus on mechanized equipment for earthwork and building construction. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus ENCE 421 Legal Aspects of Architectural & Engineering Practice Explore essential legal concepts related to planning, engineering, construction/production, and operation of facilities in the built environment and manufactured products. Offered Next: Spring On-Campus ENCE 422 Project Cost Accounting and Economics Students will learn the fundamentals of engineering economics and cost accounting that will be needed for project feasibility assessment, as well as for business analysis and decision making. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus, Summer Online ENCE 423 Project Planning, Estimating & Scheduling Learn the basics of project planning to reduce uncertainty,improve efficiency, meet objectives and provide a basis for managing & controlling the work. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus ENCE 424 Communications for Project Managers Learn to use a variety of communication methods and techniques for the strategic and effective management of projects. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus, Summer Online ENCE 426 Construction Documentation and BIM Applications in Engineering and Construction Learn to read and coordinate construction documents, explore concepts in Building Information Modeling, and develop basic working knowledge of Autodesk Revit Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus ENCE 433 Assessment of Natural Hazards for Engineering Applications (Undergraduate Course) Learn the foundational concepts of probability and statistics required for developing models to assess the frequency and severity of natural hazards. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus ENCE 602 Project Procurement Management By working on case studies, students will develop an in-depth understanding of project procurement management and gain hands-on expertise in project evaluation, planning, financing, contracting, negot Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Spring Online ENCE 604 Sustainability Fundamentals for Project Managers Learn the best practices of modern sustainable construction and infrastructure emphasizing the development standards of the built environment. Offered Next: Spring On-Campus, Spring Online ENCE 605 Evolving as a Project Leader Learn leadership theory and skills to build effective project teams and work successfully with stakeholders and customers ENCE 606 Graduate Introduction to Project Scheduling Learn the basics of project scheduling using network-based scheduling methodologies and learn fundamental legal, contractual, and managerial aspects related to construction project scheduling Offered Next: Fall On-Campus ENCE 607 Mastering Agile Project Management Master Scrum and the principles of Agile project management to deliver faster, more innovative solutions by unleashing your team’s potential. Offered Next: Spring On-Campus ENCE 622 Construction Automation & Robotics Learn to redesign traditional construction processes to take advantage of the state-of-the-art automation and robotics technology. Offered Next: Spring On-Campus ENCE 623 Advanced Project Scheduling Schedule like a pro: advanced topics including complex logic, scheduling calculations using advanced logic, resource management, and time / cost tradeoffs. Offered Next: Summer On-Campus, Summer Online ENCE 625 Project Administration Students will learn how a successful construction project is managed and administered from design through construction to closeout. Offered Next: Summer On-Campus, Summer Online ENCE 626 Web-Based Project Management Learn about the ever evolving choices of web-based tools to manage complex projects in a diverse array of industries, and how to make the best use of the selected tools. ENCE 627 Project Risk Management Learn to identify, analyze, assess and manage risks inherent to engineering projects. Offered Next: Spring On-Campus, Fall Online ENCE 632 Introduction to Infrastructure Resilience Develop system-level skills for the planning, design, maintenance, and operation of resilient infrastructure systems. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus ENCE 633 Assessment of Natural Hazards for Engineering Applications (Graduate Course) Learn the foundational concepts of probability and statistics required for developing models to assess the frequency and severity of natural hazards. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus ENCE 660 Principles of Disaster Management Learn what every disaster manager should know about pre- and post-disaster programs and how to manage the projects that help communities recover from, mitigate against and prepare for the next event. Offered Next: Spring On-Campus ENCE 661 Project Cost Accounting & Finance Learn the business aspects of professional engineering project management. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Summer Online ENCE 662 Fundamentals of Project Management Learn the basic principles of project management, relevant standards, and the keys to success Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Fall Online, Spring Online ENCE 664 Legal Aspects of Engineering Design & Construction The ins and outs of the legal system as it applies to the project manager Offered Next: Spring On-Campus, Fall Online ENCE 665 Managing Project Teams: Improving Individual and Team Performance Students learn about themselves, others, and how to build and maintain a workplace where people flourish and their organization thrives. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Spring Online, Summer Online ENCE 666 Cost Engineering and Control Learn analytical techniques to estimate, schedule, and control project costs, including site investigation, quantity takeoff, work analysis, and bid preparation. Offered Next: Fall On-Campus, Fall Online