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Why ENCE 604

Take this course in order to assume responsibilities for more sustainable development of organizations, facilities, and projects. Develop knowledge about the modern green rating systems, facilities management, environmental management, budgeting for green initiatives, and practical requirements to make the transition to a sustainable construction industry. The course also will cover the fundamental concepts of sustainable development and the move towards economic prosperity, environmental protection, and social equity, taking all three dimensions into account to achieve sustainability. Project managers need to take responsibility for more sustainable development of organizations, facilities, and projects. This course will produce project managers who take responsibility for more sustainable development of organizations, facilities, and projects.

ProfessorNeil SchulmanNeil SchulmanStats Credits 3 Offered* Spring Online


Drivers of sustainability in the built environment

Explores construction and its impacts, benefits of implementing sustainable design and construction, the world in 2020 and why sustainability is essential.

Sustainability policies & programs

Review the owner's sustainability policies and programs, social sustainability for construction, components of a sustainability program for owners of capital projects, international examples, and how to transform a construction company to deliver more sustainable projects.

Green rating systems

Learn the importance of evaluating products for sustainability and building rating systems. Also reviews corporate rating systems, reporting and strategic actions, and sustainability assessment in 2020.

Project delivery and pre-design sustainability opportunities

Review the built environment, life-cycles, including stakeholders, processes, and pre-design opportunities.

Sustainable design & construction opportunities & best practices

This topic reflects the integrated design process and projected sustainable design in 2020. Also included are sustainable construction opportunities.

Post-occupancy sustainability opportunities & best practices

This topic reflects post-occupancy opportunities including end-of-life-cycle opportunities, deconstruction best practices, post-occupancy sustainability in 2020, and sustainable facility practices over the life-cycle.

The business case for sustainability

Shows students cost barriers, annual energy and water cost savings, project planning with the business case in mind, capturing indirect benefits through cost management, and making the business case in 2020. Also includes a comprehensive overview of the issues and potential solutions to sustainability practices in today’s global economy.

Trends for the future of sustainable design & construction

Explores emerging technologies, process improvement, infrastructure systems integration, broader sustainability trends across the construction industry, and strategic sustainability

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Offered: Spring Online*
Week 1Facility Types and Management Methods Week 2Sustainable Maintenance OperationsWeek 3Managing Outsourced ServicesWeek 4Financial Management and Control Week 5Construction Management & Sustainable DesignWeek 6Fire and Security Systems & Disaster Prevention Week 7Facility & Global Environmental ManagementWeek 8Building Systems and ControlsWeek 9Major Building Equipment Systems & SubsystemWeek 10Energy Management & Renewable EnergyWeek 11Construction Job Site Field TripWeek 12Building Site Interior & Personnel Management Week 13Green Building Construction Week 14Construction Job Site Field TripWeek 15Strategic Planning and Project Financial Analysis

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