fbpx Jocelyn Davis: Happiness Works-Rethinking Competitive Advantage | University of Maryland Project Management


When it comes down to successful organizations, keynote speaker Jocelyn S. Davis, emphasized the importance of creating an environment for people to flourish so that their organization thrives. In her 2015 symposium presentation, “Happiness Works-Rethinking Competitive Advantage,” Davis focused on the essentials of happiness in the workplace as a competitive strategy.

Davis offered a new strategic paradigm to create and sustain successful organization: profitability or financial mission results in nonprofit or public sectors, people and purpose. Traditional financial and operational metrics are insufficient to sustain competitive advantage over time.

Rather, organizations in all sectors must focus on establishing work environments, which sustain happiness at work for their employees. Happy employees are more productive, more creative, less stressed, or bored; and more consistently motivated to do the work of their organization.

To society at large and customer or stakeholders is key to sustainable competitive advantage. Linking an employee’s daily actions to strategic goals aligns and builds happiness at work.



Posted by Hannah Ku on November 16, 2015