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The Distance Education and Technology Services (DETS) enables students to learn anywhere. Students have the ability to view their courses from anywhere in the world via streaming video.

Housed in the new Arnold E. Seigel Learning Center, DETS facilities include video fiber circuit access and 6 technology enhanced studio classrooms ranging in size from 17-122 students. Each room is fully equipped with the latest technology which provides a full HD, widescreen experience to our customers.  Professors have spacious work stations which allow them to control many features in the room including computers, HD monitors, computer annotation equipment, audio, and lighting. Sliding white boards expand to give up to 12 feet of writing area. Students enjoy fully adjustable seating which have the ability to turn for small group discussions. Each two seats also have power outlets to support the variety of portable devices used by students today.

In addition to our academic mission, DETS provides many other engineering services to the campus community including teleconferencing support, course recording, event capturing, and video fiber circuit access (http://dets.umd.edu/).

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