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As a Project Executive for The Clark Construction Group on the District Wharf Project in Washington DC, Catriona Winter led the design partners through an accelerated design period on its half-billion mixed-use waterfront project. The District Wharf project in Washington DC, is the result of the client, Hoffman-Madison Waterfront’s commitment to revitalizing the Southwest waterfront.

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Catriona Winter

In Winter’s presentation at the 2016 Project Management Symposium, “The District Wharf at Southwestern Waterfront, Washington, DC,” Winter discussed the development and execution of The Wharf, which is scheduled to open in 2017. Located along the historic Waterfront Channel, The District Wharf project aims to “recreate the SouthWest Waterfront as a world-class-destination.” The District Wharf plans to provide quality entertainment and retail space that maximizes the “cultural experience” for the District.

“When a client asks your company to lead a half-billion dollar project and take it design/build,” Winter said, “the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’”

With 14 years of experience in the construction industry and 12 years of experience with Clark, Winter has led the construction for a wide cross-section of building types: historic renovations, high-end law firm and corporate interior fit-outs, restoration of national monuments, heavy civil road and rail projects, the Washington Harbor water fountain and ice rink, residential, and numerous base building projects. But through her experience as a project and design executive, Winter learned the importance of observing all that is around her to execute successful projects.

“As a design executive, I have learned the importance to ‘Scan, observe and call it out,’” Winter said. “There are some people who may not have the confidence to bring their very strong ideas to the table. By listening and observing everyone around you, you learn to read subtle cues and extract the best solutions the team has to offer.”

Currently Winter co-leads one of Clark’s MidAtlantic business units, managing commercial, residential, and higher educational projects.

Catriona Winter and John Cable

Reflecting on the UMD Project Management Symposium, Winter said, “The variety and breadth of the professional experiences of the project management symposium’s attendees is quite remarkable. The impromptu discussions before, during, and between the scheduled sessions have been enlightening. To reflect upon how all these walks of careers are truly rooted in the same core principles is a reminder of how seemingly different careers are actually more similar in practice than one might initially think.”

Posted by Hannah Ku on May 13, 2016