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Using Zoom video conferencing is pretty simple and a great tool for meetings and discussion.

Here are a few tips for a productive session:


Be sure that your computer / smart phone / tablet has a good high-speed connection to the internet. We find that the vast amount of the difficulty you may experience with a stable connection is on the user end and not the system. Test your setup before the scheduled start time of the video conference in case you need assistance. If doing this for the long haul, it is worth the investment to get good equipment.


Video conferences can be a very effective communications tool but it takes learning how to manage the event and all participants using proper etiquette for participation. Current platforms such as Zoom, WebEx or Microsoft Teams have polling and breakout room features which simulate actual classroom activities. Our upcoming article on Video Production Guidance may be of interest if you are planning to create videos to use in lieu of campus lectures.

This article appeared in PM World Journal, Volume IX, Issue VI, June 2020.

John Cable, Director, University of Maryland Project Management Center for Excellence


How to cite this article: Cable, J. H. (2020). Converting to Online Teaching: A Series of short guidance articles for educators and institutions – Video Conference Etiquette, PM World Journal, Vol. IX, Issue VI, June.

Posted by Kathy Frankle on June 9, 2020