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Looking for a global project management resource focused specifically on Sharing Knowledge in Program and Project Management?  Look no further than the PM World Journal.

The PM World Journal is an extremely useful online resource that showcases best practices, case studies and descriptions of how others have solved program and project management problems.  Each month about 30 new works are published and all the information is FREE!

“Our mission is to promote and support knowledge sharing related to program and project management,” said David Pells, PM World Journal’s Managing Editor. “We also want to offer practicing project managers and those working in the project management field with a route to publishing articles and papers, which can be important for building a career.  Every contributing author receives high visibility.”

The PM World Journal Covers an Array of Topics Pertinent to Program and Project Managers

Published monthly since 2012, the PM World Journal is an open-source publication registered with the Library of Congress (ISSN: 2330:4880). Categories of interest to program and project managers include a variety of articles, papers, and other works related to the management of projects. Contents put a spotlight on the following topics of interest:

Papers featured in the PM World Journal are research-based of conference quality, written by academics, scholars, executives and professionals. Advisory and commentary articles are generally written by practicing professionals, and series articles are by book authors and recognized experts and leaders in the project management field.

Second editions are works previously presented at conferences or previously published in a non-English publication on a topic still relevant to those working in the field today. Book reviews are authored by PMI members who can gain PDUs for reading a book on a topic and authoring a book review.

New Works Welcomed Each Month

Each monthly edition contains about 30 new works. The PM World Journal is not a refereed journal, but it is indexed monthly by EBSCO, the world’s largest provider of databases for libraries and universities. All works published in the journal, with the exception of book reviews, are therefore uploaded monthly and included in the EBSCO Business Source Complete database and available to researchers worldwide.

John Cable, Director of the Project Management Center for Excellence, stated, “Stipulating that I am a contributor to PM World Journal so all due bias declared, I think this journal is the one best places to not only stay current but read what is going on globally. David has done a masterful job of finding the thought leaders and convincing them to publish with him.”

I think this journal is the one best places to not only stay current but read what is going on globally. David has done a masterful job of finding the thought leaders and convincing them to publish with him. – John Cable, Director, UMD Project Management Center for Excellence

Works by authors worldwide are welcomed for publication in the PM World Journal. All works must be professionally written and non-commercial.  View the Author Guidelines.

Each year, papers that are developed for our annual two-day Project Management Symposium are reviewed by PM World Journal Managing Editor, David Pells, and several are selected for publication in the monthly journal.  View the article for more information.

“The December 2020 edition will be our 100th month issue,” Pells adds, “which we are quite proud of.  The format is working, we’re attracting a mix of academic researchers, practitioners and students, and our readership continues to grow.  And all works published in the journal are archived in the PM World Library to support continuous learning, as well as continuous recognition for our authors.  Please give the library a try too.”

The PM World Journal is available at www.pmworldjournal.com.  The PM World Library can be found at www.pmworldlibrary.net.


Eight papers from our 2020 Project Management Symposium, were republished in the PM World Journal.  You can read the papers online at the links below.

Volume IX, Issue VI, June 2020

Operationalizing resilience for Srinagar Smart City
By Omar Bashir (India)

Volume IX, Issue VII, July 2020

Challenges in construction project management as faced by millennials in developing countries
By Jailane Atef Amer (Egypt)

From Risk, to Issue, to Crisis: Is Your Program Prepared?
By Deidre C. Hicks (USA)

Volume IX, Issue VIII, August 2020

Best Practices for Managing & Engaging Project Stakeholders
By Prof Aurangzeb Z. Khan, PhD (Pakistan); Prof Miroslaw Skibniewski, PhD (USA); Prof John H. Cable (USA)

 Changing the World One Person at a Time
By Dr. Mark Reeson (UK)

Volume IX, Issue IX, September 2020

 When Will It Be Done? How to Forecast Answers to Your Toughest Agile Questions
By William Davis (USA)

The Use of Knowledge in Projects: A Discourse on Planning
By Deepak Shrikant (USA)

 Volume IX, Issue X, October 2020

BIM Implementation Practices of Construction Organizations in the UK AEC Industry
By Adedotun Ojo and Christopher Pye (UK)

Posted by Kathy Frankle on November 23, 2020