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Why ARCH 472

Architectural professional services and construction project management are being re-defined by the implementation of Building Information Modeling software (BIM). Understand: using software to visualize, document, and coordinate building spaces, systems and interfaces; the concepts and techniques of digital modeling and design opportunities in digital media.

Stats Credits 3 Offered* Spring On-Campus


Architecture and construction within digital practice

Visual / graphic communication in professional practice

Relationship between the scale of design and representation

Abstract representation in design and construction

Boundaries of BIM in architecture and construction

Concepts and techniques of digital modeling

Foundation in BIM software

design principles, ethical responsibilities, and technical applications



Offered: Spring On-Campus*
Week 1BIM Theory
  • phases, delivery methodology, Firm culture, Interface organization
Week 2Basic commands
  • domain specific objects, manipulating objects
Week 3Representation and control
  • Views, visibility, and templates
Week 4Conceptual massing
  • parametric modeling, curtainwalls
Week 5Applied practive
  • Program verification & schematic design
Week 6Families, nested families, & tectonics
  • Editor, labels, tags, and titleblocks
Week 7Coordinate system & site tools
  • origin, topsurface, drafting & linework
Week 8Interoperability & interdependencies
  • Hoste elements, groups, phasing, design options, & schedules
Week 9Visualization & rendering
  • cameras, view settings, walkthroughs, and animations
Week 10Contractual liability
  • E202-BIM protocol exhibit , project manual
Week 11Project management
  • Workflow & team management
Week 12Navisworks clash detection
  • Convert to IFC format
Week 13Sustainability
  • Solar paths, daylighting, shading, energy model
Week 14Final review
  • Presentation of probe 5

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