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Why ENCE 622

Students entering the field of construction, and seasoned professionals alike, need an education in modern automation techniques. To stay competitive, they need an understanding of industrial robotics that aid redesign and partial or full automation of construction processes.

Course resources will include repositories of the proceedings of the International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction compiled annually since 1984, Automation in Construction, an international research journal published since 1992, monograph book titled "Robotics in Civil Engineering", and additional materials from a variety of technical resources provided by the instructor.

ProfessorMiroslaw J Skibniewski, PhDMiroslaw J Skibniewski, PhDStats Credits 3 Offered* Fall Online

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Offered: Fall Online*
Week 1Course overview
  • Learning objectives
  • Teaching style and major assignments/deliverables
  • History of construction automation and robotics
Week 2Construction projects
  • Components
  • Physical and cognitive requirements of construction labor
  • Ergonomics
Week 3Introduction to industrial robotics
  • Technology
  • Basic types of construction robots
Week 4Robot components I
  • Manipulators and end effectors
Week 5Robot components II
  • Sensors
Week 6Robot components III
  • Mobility Bases
Week 7Robot components IV
  • Control Systems
Week 8Engineering feasibility of construction robot applicationsWeek 9Calculation of robot costs and benefits. Economic feasibility of construction robot applications.Week 10Robot system integration issues in construction
  • Building Information modeling (BIM)
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Additive manufacturing/3-D printing, automated building construction systems
Week 11, additive manufacturing/3-D printing, automated building construction systems
  • Big Canopy System (Obayashi Corp.)
Week 12Robot safety and ethical issues
  • Safety
  • Ethics
  • Prospects for automated construction sites in the United States

*All course content, including schedule, topics, and books are subject to change semester-to-semester. Course costs are dependent on students' individual situations, including but not limited to, online vs on-campus enrollment, in-state vs out-of-state enrollment, and scholarships. Not all books on this page may be required readings and additional readings may be assigned. Please check the UMD Schedule of Classes for most up to date semester offerings. Instructors give students specific semester details once they are enrolled.