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Why ENCE 666

Gain knowledge of the building industry and the technical skills required to manage and control a construction project. You are first introduced to the big picture including projects, participants, and the ways they come together, and then led through an examination of estimating, scheduling, and project control which, when integrated, are the primary tools used to produce a successful project.

ProfessorNeil SchulmanNeil SchulmanStats Credits 3 Offered* Fall Online


Construction project management

Construction projects are managed by a teams representing owners, designers, & construction professionals. These disciplines merge in many different ways based on the project type, owner’s sophistication, and owner’s time and budget concerns.


Explores the different types of estimates and why estimates are an important project management control. Estimates evolve as more is learned about the project, its scope in being clarified, decisions are being made, consultants are being brought in to offer expert advice, and schedules are being produced.


Understand the reasons schedules are produced and the types of schedules that are used. Schedules are produced throughout the life of a project by many of the project team members. The process of scheduling happens concurrently with estimating - the sequence of how the project is built affects the cost.

Project control

Examines the use of project estimating and scheduling information in the control of the construction project. As the project evolves, changes occur and the project team must work to maintain control of the cost and time budgeted for the project.

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Offered: Fall Online*
Week 1ntroduction & Overview.
  • Industry and the Project.
  • The Project management process
Week 2Construction Contracts and Delivery Methods.
  • Estimating fundamentals
  • unbalanced bidding
Week 3Conceptual estimating
  • Square foot estimates
  • Assembly estimates
  • Construction cost estimates
Week 4Detailed estimating
  • Quantity takeoffs
  • Unit pricing
  • Estimate setup
Week 5Construction estimates & bids
  • Visit construction job site
Week 6Simulated bid exerciseWeek 7Scheduling fundamentals
  • When to schedule
  • Scheduling methods
Week 8Constructing networks
  • Benefits of network schedules
  • Network diagram
  • Network presentation
Week 9Activity duration & network calculations
  • Scheduling calculations
  • Critical path
  • Cost loaded CPM schedules
Week 10Guest speakerWeek 11Fundamentals of project control
  • Basic control theory
  • Optimum project duration
  • Crashing the schedule
Week 12Cost, schedule, & resource control
  • Why manage resources
  • Labor & equipment studies
  • Cash flow analysis
Week 13Updating the project: Control in practice
  • Team viewpoints
  • Control baselines
  • Progress evaluation & control
Week 14Job cost status reports
  • Engineering economy
Week 15Test review summary

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