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Why ARCH 467

Learn contemporary trends and practices in architecture and building construction as it pertains to collaboration and communications of all of the parties involved in the design and construction of buildings and building systems. Building Information Modeling is explored as a tool and practical case studies based on real world projects are explored.

Stats Credits 3 Offered Next* There are no current offerings at this time.


Basic workflows and processes from design through construction and occupancy.Effects of BIM and construction administration practices on construction of buildingsBasic stakeholder involvement in small, mid and large scale IPD projects & workflows.



Week 1Design & Construction
  • IPD: Proof & Promise
Week 2Conceptualization ~ Constructability
  • Make buildings conceptual & concepts buildable
Week 3Information & Images
  • Touring the virtual model
Week 4Sketch to Deliverables
  • Design intent & interpretation
Week 5Bid to Ground Breaking
  • Making is believing
Week 6Shop Drawings & Reigning in the Subs
  • Construction administration from both sides
Week 7Digital Crafts
  • BIM is believing
Week 8Problems on Site
  • Project coordination
Week 9Problems in Documentation
  • Collaboration
Week 10Best Practices & New Models
  • IPD then, now, & in the future
Week 11Optimal Conditions
  • Bigger and better
Week 12Performative Thinking
  • SHoP Architects & the bleeding edge
Week 13Performative Making
  • Modeling the novel & drawing conclusions
Week 14Case Study PresentationsWeek 15Case Study PresentationsWeek 16IPD Final Project Presentations

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