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Why ARCH 430

Professionals in design and construction of capital projects need to be fluent in the quantitative and qualitative means and methods of measuring sustainability and the impact and influence on the practice of architecture and the design of the physical environment. Students will be prepared to take and pass the LEED Green Associate examination.

Stats Credits 3 Offered* Spring On-Campus


Climate change and its human causation

Unprecedented and powerful effects on the planet, society, building, and the design and construction professions.

Opportunities & challenges

Architects, contractors and other desing / construction professionals should be aware of the effects of climate change and the opportunities and challenges.

Multiple rating / certification systems

Understand that they produce unique comparative findings about sustainable systems and the fundamental issues of sustainability.

Complex and often conflicting sets of requirements

Design and construction professionals must understand and mediate conflict.


Offered: Spring On-Campus*
Week 1Weeks 1 through 7
  • focuses on topics in the U.S. Green Building Council and LEED Green Associate Examination
Week 2Weeks 8 through 15
  • International and domestic standards & practices
  • Research projects

*All course content, including schedule, topics, and books are subject to change semester-to-semester. Course costs are dependent on students' individual situations, including but not limited to, online vs on-campus enrollment, in-state vs out-of-state enrollment, and scholarships. Not all books on this page may be required readings and additional readings may be assigned. Please check the UMD Schedule of Classes for most up to date semester offerings. Instructors give students specific semester details once they are enrolled.