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Why ENCE 661

Too many talented, technically-experienced engineers and architects have never been able to realize the financial success that should follow with their expertise. In a nut shell, this course teaches you how to maximize the financial benefits that should come from years of devotion to your professional practice.

ProfessorJim C Myers, CPAJim C Myers, CPAStats Credits 3 Offered* Fall On-Campus, Summer Online


Fundamentals of accounting

Understanding the basics & reading corporate financial statements

Fundamentals of project cost accounting

Applications and impact on profitability

Principles of project costing, cash management, & budgeting

Framework for using an effective project cost system

How projects are financed

Potential impact financing has on projects

Student Feedback


Offered: Fall On-Campus, Summer Online*
Week 1Fundamental accounting terms & conceptsWeek 2Using & understanding financial statementsWeek 3Cash managementWeek 4Cost accounting terms & conceptsWeek 5Using cost accounting informationWeek 6Fee estimation & negotiationWeek 7Financing, liabilities, & debtWeek 8Tax accountingWeek 9Using business consultantsWeek 10Strategic planningWeek 11Firm valuation

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