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EdX is a nonprofit, open-source learning destination that offers online educational programs and courses in alliance with more than 130 member institutions, comprised of both leading global universities and colleges, and a diverse group of prominent organizations from around the world. Founded by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and based in Cambridge, MA, edX is focused on transforming online and classroom learning through groundbreaking methodologies, game-like educational experiences and cutting-edge research on an open-source platform.

Agile Project Management Professional Certificate

We’ve teamed-up with edX to deliver a curriculum on topics professionals need on the job everyday without having to be enrolled in a formal educational degree program. John Cable, Director for the Project Management Center for Excellence, says, “We are excited to be pioneering professional certificates through edX. The edX platform is the perfect mechanism to deliver our content at a global scale. They have a solid reputation for high-quality courses and we wanted to ensure quality was the focus in delivering our Professional Certificate programs.” Currently, the Center has developed an Agile Project Management Professional Certificate with plans to develop two additional ones in the next twelve months.