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About William

Bill Brantley loves to teach communication as it is the key to project management success.


I am passionate about using innovative methods and technology to help organizations become healthy and agile while effectively accomplishing their missions. I was inspired by reading “In Search of Excellence” when I was an undergraduate. I have continued to study and implement ideas from Theory of Constraints, Design Thinking, Knowledge Management, Agile, and, most recently, Lean Startup. I am especially interested in developing ways to aid government agencies and nonprofits perform better by improving how these organizations utilize their people, processes, and technologies.

Even before my passion for improving organizations, I have been an innovative computer developer. I received a Commodore 64 for a birthday present and immediately spent hours learning computer languages like MS-DOS, BASIC, Turbo Pascal, Turtle Logo. Today, I work mostly with open source applications and have taught an introductory college course in building websites since 2001. I especially enjoy building innovative applications for knowledge management, project management, and human resources management.

Equally important to me is my passion for teaching and training. I love learning new things and I love teaching others about the new things I have learned. I am a college professor and have also trained adult learners in project management, management skills, and communication skills. I pioneered the use of social media in the classroom and have built successful blended learning flipped classrooms both online and in the classroom.


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