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Why ENCE 423

When projects are kept to an orderly schedule, the project will be completed not just with less setbacks, but in a quick and timely manner. There are several techniques that can be employed in order to schedule and maintain a project on time, including the Critical Path Method, stressed in this course.

ProfessorKenneth O’Connell, PhD, PEKenneth O’Connell, PhD, PEStats Credits 3 Offered* Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus Prequisite Permission


Project planning

Learn the basics of project planning and to understand the concepts of; planning to reduce uncertainty, planning to improve efficiency of the operation, planning to set and meet objectives and planning to provide a basis for monitoring and controlling the work.

Project estimating

Topics will include global pricing strategies, types of estimates, the pricing process, overhead and profit, and project financing. Students will be introduced to the concepts of resource definition, resource assignment and resource management.

Project scheduling

Learn the basics of project scheduling including bar charts, network-based methodologies and linear scheduling techniques. Emphasis will be placed on Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling which is a network based methodology. Students will be exposed to the use of scheduling software and actually develop a CPM schedule.

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Offered: Fall On-Campus, Spring On-Campus*
Week 1Introduction
  • Planning for success
Week 2The Construction Project
  • Activity Identification
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Project resources
Week 3Resource AllocationWeek 4Computer Lab and Lecture
  • Estimating Fundamentals
Week 5Activation Durations
  • GANTT Charts
  • Introduction to on Activity-On-Arrow Networks
  • Basic Logic
  • Conceptual Estimates
Week 6Activity-On-Arrow Networks
  • Computations
Week 7Introduction to Activity on Node Networks
  • Basic Logic and Computations
Week 8Mid Term ExamWeek 9Activity-on-Node-Networks
  • Advanced Logic and Computations
Week 10Activity-on-Node-Networks
  • Advanced Logic and Computations (Continued)
  • Detailed Estimates
Week 11Computer Lab 2Week 12Computer Lab 3Week 13Activity-on-Node-Networks
  • Advanced Logic and Computations
Week 14Project Process Control
  • Schedule Updates and Revisions
  • Tabular and Graphic Reports
Week 15Last Day of Class
  • Review for Final Exam
Week 16Final Exam

*All course content, including schedule, topics, and books are subject to change semester-to-semester. Course costs are dependent on students' individual situations, including but not limited to, online vs on-campus enrollment, in-state vs out-of-state enrollment, and scholarships. Not all books on this page may be required readings and additional readings may be assigned. Please check the UMD Schedule of Classes for most up to date semester offerings. Instructors give students specific semester details once they are enrolled.