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Why ENCE 606

Project success is heavily dependent on mastering the basics of project scheduling and the various scheduling approaches that are currently being used in the design and construction industry. Project planning techniques and basic scheduling methods are covered including the use of bar charts, the Critical Path Method (CPM), Program Evaluation and Review (PERT), and Linear Scheduling (Line of Balance) methods as well as basic scheduling calculations and network development methods. Learn how to create, calculate, update and revise schedules. In addition, you will be introduced to basic concepts of the contractual, managerial and legal aspects of project scheduling.

ProfessorKenneth O’Connell, PhD, PEKenneth O’Connell, PhD, PEStats Credits 3 Offered* Fall On-Campus


History of scheduling

Learn the difference between various scheduling approaches and how the industry has evolved to CPM scheduling.

Development of Network/Legal Significance & Scheduling Contract Clauses

Introduction to basic concepts of the contractual, managerial and legal aspects of project scheduling.

Schedule & advanced scheduling calculations

Learn how to perform basic network calculations including the forward and backward passes.

Schedule analysis methods

Learn the basics of scheduling methodologies including Gantt Charts, Line-of-Balance and Linear Scheduling

Updates & revisions

Learn how to create, calculate, update and revise schedules.

Schedule reports & graphics

Learn how to create schedules for projects that meet basic criteria.

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Offered: Fall On-Campus*
Week 1Course IntroductionWeek 2History of SchedulingWeek 3Development of the Network/Legal SignificanceWeek 4Schedule Calculations (CPM) – Scheduling SpecificationsWeek 5Advanced Scheduling Calculations (splitting)Week 6Review for Midterm ExamWeek 7Scheduling Contract ClausesWeek 8Schedule Analysis Methods Week 9Line of Balance Scheduling / linear schedulingWeek 10Updates and Revisions & Schedule Reports and GraphicsWeek 11Schedule Analysis Part 2Week 12Scheduling Software DemoWeek 13Updates and Revisions & Schedule Reports and Graphics pt 2Week 14Review for Final ExamWeek 15FINAL EXAM

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