fbpx Grant Enhances Learning Opportunities for Project Management Students | University of Maryland Project Management

Students who wish to learn without limits must be guided by innovative teachers. At the University of Maryland, we are breaking ground to support students seeking more options to continue their education. With funds from the Teaching Innovation Grant sponsored by Mary Ann Rankin, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at the University of Maryland, six courses offered by the Project Management Center for Excellence are becoming more accessible, more enriching, and more interactive for students.

The grant engages in rigorous education research projects designed to learn about, develop and plan outstanding online courses that are adaptable, accessible to students under a variety of circumstances, and are highly innovative.

With the funds, instructors are redesigning and innovating existing courses while building on the familiar blended, flipped, hybrid or online approaches to teaching and learning. Students reap the benefits of having a much more flexible class schedule, the ability to customize their study environment, and developing important life skills like self-motivation and communication.

The six courses benefiting from the Teaching Innovation Grant are:

UMD’s instructional community is rising to meet the challenging circumstances in today’s world. They are reimagining and reshaping the future of teaching and learning at the university. Each course creates new momentum in the effective use of educational technology that will enhance student learning and engagement with the course material.

Posted by Kathy Frankle on June 30, 2020