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Can Virtual classes be Better than in Person?Seismic shifts occur in education when unexpected events force widespread experimentation. Right now, college students have been facing perhaps the most uncertain year of their lives due to closures and restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 virus, with thousands choosing to defer or postpone their studies to avoid taking their classes online. But students are finding out that deferring or postponing isn’t necessary– virtual classes can be as good, if not even better, than in-person classes. The virtual platforms are fertile ground to explore more active learning methods; enabling students to make choices and reflect on their learning individually plus . . . continue reading
2020 Symposium Speakers Featured in PM Point of View PodcastsEight of our 2020 Project Management Symposium speakers were featured in PM Point of View podcasts, an audio podcast that looks at project management from all the angles. The first podcast, PM Point Of View Podcast #76: Culture and Fit From the 2020 UMD Symposium, was released in July and focuses on culture and the importance of fitting in. Host Kendall Lott, president and CEO of M Powered Strategies, delves into these topics with two presenters from the 2020 Symposium: Nikola Ivanov, who serves as Director of Operations at the UMD Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory, and PMP Wendy . . . continue reading
Facilitating Virtual ClassesSetting the context for an online course to be most effective (just like a campus class), we assign various activities for the learners to prepare before class so that class time can be an active learning environment. Assignments before class may include videos, voice-over PowerPoint or animation slide decks, readings, problem sets, Google searches for information, pearl diving essays, etc. Short quizzes or knowledge checks before class encourage the learner to have prepared for class and they are easily administered on a learning management system (LMS).  At the University of Maryland, we use Canvas. Feedback from our students informs us that the knowledge checks do motivate . . . continue reading
Flipping the ClassroomWhen UMD professor Jocelyn Davis’s Managing Project Teams course meets in person, it’s not so that she can deliver a lecture. Her lectures are already provided to students as short videos they watch before class. Instead, she uses the in-person time for more active learning techniques so her students actually apply what they have learned from the videos, readings, problem sets, and other “pre-work” activities. It’s part of a “flipped classroom” approach to learning that UMD’s Project Management Center for Excellence, part of the civil and environmental engineering department, has been developing over the past several years. In the COVID-19 era, such strategies have . . . continue reading
Director John Cable Offers Insights and Expertise to Journal

Project Management World Journal (PMWJ), published monthly by PM World, Inc., Addison, Texas, is authored by project management experts and practitioners around the world, including John Cable, founder and director of the Project Management Center for Excellence (Center) at the University of Maryland (UMD). “As founder and director of the Center, it’s my job to provide guidance to the faculty,” he said. “I initially started writing articles about things I would like to help my faculty learn.” John wanted to share the in-depth knowledge of teaching project management he gained from a lifetime of professional experience. “I was a founder . . . continue reading
Clark School Undergraduate Programs Move Up in U.S. News & World Report RankingsThe A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland is moving…up. The Clark School moved The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland is moving…up.up three spots, to No. 22 from 25 nationally, among undergraduate engineering programs in U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 Best Colleges report released today. The Clark School ranks as No. 12 among public institutions. “We’re committed to engineering that helps people live better lives, from protecting students, families and first responders from COVID to solving problems that impact communities across the state, country and the world. This ranking recognizes the . . . continue reading
Blended Learning Classroom GuidanceThe terms flipped classroom, active learning, and blended learning have been kicked around for a number of years, sometimes with great fanfare. One of the outcomes of our partnership with edX is that we have studied research results on effective teaching techniques. Relative to teaching on campus our conclusion is unequivocal, blended learning formats are far more effective. The content is much stickier! For example, the 2019 Impact Report from edX states: “edX and our partners have unlocked the power of blended learning – when on-campus learning happens both on-line and in person. Blended learning has been shown to improve learning outcomes. In one . . . continue reading
Faces of Project Management: Dr. Gerry Galloway

The first known picture of Dr. Gerry Galloway was one of him and his mother. She was pregnant and standing on the banks of the Alabama’s Warrior River. Since then, Galloway has never stopped working with, loving and being around the water. “My passion,” he said, “is to make sure that in the U.S. and other countries, people are able to live with the natural cycles, droughts and floods of water.” Galloway has been working towards that goal in some way shape or form for his entire career. He graduated from the U.S. Military Academy and served in the army . . . continue reading
Five Ways Good Managers Influence Workplace Happiness

Happiness in the workplace isn’t an oxymoron.  It’s a highly competitive strategy.  Just ask Zappos, Coca-Cola, AECOM, Super Media, Google, and others.  Some companies even have chief happiness officers.  It’s that strategically important. What is happiness?  Happiness at work? Happiness is a surplus of positive over negative emotions plus a sense of satisfaction with life overall.  And, it includes: Authenticity – being yourself, acting on your values, using your unique strengths Relationships – personal and work relationships which are positive and supportive Meaning and purpose – having a clear and meaningful why for the work you do Growth and mastery . . . continue reading
Agile Course Earns Top 100 MOOC RankingClass Central—a search engine and review site for massive open online courses (MOOCs)—has named a University of Maryland Project Management Center for Excellence offering among their top 100 Best Online Courses of all time.  Agile Leadership Principles, the fourth course in our Agile Project Management Professional Certificate, earned the honor alongside MOOCs offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Harvard University; University of California, Berkeley; Princeton University; Yale University; University of Michigan; and others.  Agile for Project Control, the 5th course in the program was ranked 1st among the Ten Most popular MOOCs for April 2019. The response has been overwhelming since . . . continue reading
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